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"Exciting Upgrades: What to Expect from the New Optica EM Version"

The release a new update of Optica EM is only a few short weeks away! However if you choose to get Optica EM today, you will among the first to receive this new version before our prices increase and if you wish to be a beta tester for this new version, I would be happy share it with you even sooner! For a limited time, current Optica users can also upgrade their copy to this latest Optica EM version at a greatly reduced price (contact us to receive your personalized coupon!)

Faster than ever, this new Optica EM performs polarization ray-tracing, non-sequential ray-tracing, energy calculations, and optimization of optical systems in three-dimensional space. It also performs symbolic modeling of optical systems, full vector diffraction, interference, wave-front, and Gaussian beam propagation calculations . It has dynamic interactive graphics and can use CAD inputs into your optical models. Optica EM uses the integral solution to Maxwell's equations to directly calculate the electromagnetic behaviors of nano-structures, meta-surfaces, photon sieves, optical gain, resonators, and gratings. This new version lets you export your optical models to run on CUDA graphics cards or compile to run independently on the cloud or HPC environments.


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