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 Optica Store


We currently offer Optica EM.  These are priced* in five tiers: Commercial, AcademicClassroom, and Hobbyist. (Commercial and Academic Research versions also come with a home use license!) In addition to single-user and site licenses, monthly subscription plans are now available as an alternative to outright purchases. Supplemental plans are also available for users that need extra help with their projects.


Note that Optica requires Mathematica (sold separately). All purchases and subscriptions are subject to verification. A password must be requested following the initial installation of Optica and will be issued separately by the Optica Support Team.

* Note: all prices are subject to change without notice.

Optica SE

Optica EM is our most advanced optical design package. In addition to all of the features found in Optica SE, Optica EM performs full vector diffraction calculations to directly calculate TEM electro-magnetic fields created from large-scale optics, nano-structures, photon sieves, and gratings.

Optica EM

We offer special discounted classroom prices for students and teachers. Discount pricing is also available for non-professional users. However, it is recommended that you contact us first before purchasing to confirm eligibility.


Otherwise feel free to Chat with us in real time (subject to our availability) or send us a message and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

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