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Recent Optica EM Press Release

We are very excited to announce the release of our new flagship product, called Optica EM that is the result of 18+ years of development! Optica EM bridges the gap between geometric ray-tracing and full vector solutions to Maxwell's equations. Optica EM fully supports non-paraxial, polarization-dependent, vector diffraction. Unlike the approaches of rigorous coupled wave theory and finite difference time domain analysis used by some competitors, our electromagnetic simulations of optical systems are based on Huygen's principle and full-vector Green's functions. As a result, Optica EM can accurately model the polarization-dependent behavior from spatially-varying, sub-wavelength structures that span over enormous ranges of space and time. This means that high numeric-aperture systems can be accurately modeled. Please visit our new website ( learn about Optica EM. For a limited time, current Optica users can upgrade their copy to Optica EM at a greatly reduced price (contact us to receive your personalized coupon!) Otherwise, simply use this 20% discount coupon, "Discount20", after adding the product of your choice to the cart.


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