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Diffractive Optics

Recent advances made in data storage, cloud computing, and Blu-ray mastering technology have enabled the calculation, storage, transference, and printing of bit-mapped holograms that use terabytes of data and tera-pixels of information. After a master hologram has been constructed, its imprint can then be cheaply mass produced with the same process as Blu-ray disks or embossed holograms. This process could revolutionize holography for entertainment, industrial, and scientific applications. Donald discusses this new technology in the following video.

Optica EM and Optica SE can be used to design such computer generated holograms as discussed in Donald's presentation above. The presentation below shows the follow-up work that Donald finally realized several years after the first presentation shown above.

Depicted below, Donald has previously used Optica's custom user interface capabilities in the design and optimization of such holographic optics for development of new augmented reality technology.


At the top level, Optica is an authoring tool to create custom optical models that are streamlined for specific end-use applications.


This enables real-time control and optimization of your optical system parameters with sliders, locator buttons, and input fields.


These customized models can be interactive with GUI features that are comfortable for experts and nonexperts alike.

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