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Optica EM performs polarization ray-tracing, non-sequential ray-tracing, energy calculations, and optimization of optical systems in three-dimensional space. It also performs symbolic modeling of optical systems, full vector diffraction, interference, wave-front, and Gaussian beam propagation calculations . It has dynamic interactive graphics and can use CAD inputs into your optical models. Optica EM uses the integral solution to Maxwell's equations to directly calculate the electromagnetic behaviors of nano-structures, meta-surfaces, photon sieves, optical gain, resonators, and gratings. Valid for Optica users who hold an active annual support plan. (Otherwise, the Optica SE annual support plan must be purchased in addition to this item.)

License duration: one year.

Optica EM package runs on all computer platforms supported by Mathematica. Zip-file format.

Optica EM Three User Site License

  • Optica EM performs full vector diffraction calculations.

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