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Happy Valentines Day!

It has been close to six months since my previous blog ... I thought it might happen more quickly, but things are finally really moving along with our software development!

We have now Christened our new Electro-Magnetic simulation product: Optica EM (surprise!) To stay in keeping with this naming convention, Optica has been renamed: Optica SE (Standard Edition). Our new store is up and running, such that you can even go ahead and buy either Optica SE or Optica EM through it today! We will send you updates to our code for an entire year so there is no downside to being an early adopter!

However, we have not made a news announcement about our new releases yet because the documentation for Optica EM is not quite finished. In addition, I am currently working feverishly on some really cool new GUI features for both packages. As such, we are targeting our full-blown public announcements for our new website and new product offerings for the end of this month.

As a side note, I have recently stopped working at my optical engineering day-job for Cymer/ASML, and I will be putting all of my attention on this Optica business: our new website and the new releases of Optica SE / Optica EM. Please sign-up on our email list to be notified of new developments.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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